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Imagine yourself a future husband of a nice girl from Odessa, Ukraine. A beautiful romantic story of acquaintance, a date and expectation. Feeling of falling in love and extensive plans for family life. But you shouldn’t let another important moment go – relatives of the bride will probably insist on a wedding in Odessa. And it’s a special event, believe it…

The more beautiful a Ukrainian woman is the surer she is in her unquestionable right for getting of the best in her life – a handsome, sporty, smart and educated husband, well-being and tireless care of her. This point of view is formed in Ukrainian girls since their birth as the main law of life. That’s why issues of attractiveness, femininity, sexuality lead in the list of life priorities. Surely, it doesn’t disregard other qualities such as faithfulness, kindness, sincerity… However, priorities are put like this.

Here is a polling held among Ukrainian men that showed that their system of evaluation is directly contrary. Neither beauty nor sexuality found itself in top-10 of important women’s qualities. Almost everyone of them wants to see his bride like this:

1. Loving. No matter what feminists would say, but for a man the main quality in a woman is ability to love, give her his warmth and tenderness. A Ukrainian woman can be beautiful/rich/sexy as much as you please, but if she doesn’t know how to love her man she will hardly find real mutual feeling.

2. Kind Generosity is a manly quality, while kindness is a womanly one. She should know how to excuse mistakes, not only of the others but her own as well. As Napoleon Bonaparte said, ‘A beautiful woman is liked by eyes, while a kind one by heart; one can be a beautiful thing, while the other one a treasure’.

3. Feminine She should look like a woman and behave correspondingly. Femininity is hard to describe by words. It’s either present or not. However, headstrong women, a force product of nature are not real women.

4. Wise and tolerant And it goes not about a received diploma or academic knowledge. Only an inborn, natural wisdom that lets a Ukrainian woman look deep inside a human being and see the essence of things makes her a real woman. She understands on genetic level laws of nature and relationships. She knows how to enjoy her life.

5. Know how to be defenseless and strong But only near her man. She expresses her trust to him by this. However, when her young man is not here, a real woman doesn’t give up or cry because of her fate, she builds her future herself and knows how to be strong.

6. Hard-working She likes to give – her warmth, her labor. ‘Glamorous pussycats’ preoccupied with a new pair of boots… you understand it, yes? Being hard-working for a Ukrainian woman is not just earning money (it can be left for men), but also care of a house and children.

7. Housewifely There is always order in her house, her husband is fed, children are dressed and homework is done

8. Diverse In the morning she smells of freshness, at daytime of tasty cakes, and in the evening of expansive perfume. Depending on a situation and life circumstances a Ukrainian woman can be sexy, housewifely, tender, nice, stubborn, rough, strong, weak – she knows how to be any kind! More details about characteristics of Ukrainian women on the site